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Appliance Reviews is an independent website which specialise in the reviews and comparisons of white goods, including washing machines, fridge freezers, tumble dryers, dishwashers and more!

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We are experts in our field and have collected reviews for over 10,000 products so you can be sure to find honest and valuable advice about the appliance you are purchasing. You can have 100% confidence when browsing and submitting reviews on our website.

We don't like to boast but feel you should know that we bring you the best prices on the market so why not just sit back and relax and let us do the hard work for you.

We'll provide the products specifications and prices and the rest is down to you - we need your valuable opinion and however you wish to describe your appliance is fine, we want the truth! We want real product reviews from real people. After all, isn’t it refreshing to have honest and open advice from other people who you can really trust!

Every review you see has been written by someone just like you! Someone who has bought the product, so you will have tried and tested real advice!

We don’t sell any products here – just offer good honest advice about your appliance purchases and ensure that you select the right product for you, at the right price and from the right retailer.

We know buying an appliance isn't always straight forward and sometimes you want real answers from real people, not just a load of jargon! Which is why if you have a question there are a number of ways you can find your answer!

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It is so simple to submit a review! Follow our 3 easy steps;

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Fancy going that bit further? If you have any photographs or videos of your appliance which you would like to share with us then please upload the files. We’d love to see them and are sure that other people would love to as well! You can upload them via the submit form in the same way as the review. Remember, honesty is all we ask.

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How to submit a question

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Ask our Appliance Reviews experts - who better to ask then our dedicated team of experts bursting with appliance knowledge and waiting to be tested! We are here to help you find the best appliance for your needs.

Other people just like you who have asked the same questions about the appliances you are interested in – check out the appliance page and see what people have to say!